The grand diversity of tree bark is a source of constant delight for me—as a nature lover and as a photographer. From the deep, craggy grooves of the stately live oak to the peeling, fibrous ridges of the lofty bald cypress, the range of texture, pattern and color found in tree bark is truly astonishing. 

Bark may offer a tree protection, but its outer layers offer humans something else: a means of identification, a record of events, and a remarkable visual effect. The bark of each tree species, which is as unique as a fingerprint, holds clues to episodes of drought, fire and abrupt temperature transitions. Even injuries are revealed by the secretion of amber-colored resin. The combined results are truly artistic. 

The extraordinary aesthetic qualities of tree bark have inspired me to create a series of close-up images. As you browse this website, I hope you discover—as I did— a deep appreciation of this natural wonder.  If you’d like to display the intrinsic beauty of bark as wall art, you can purchase any of my pictures. They will be printed on premium canvas and shipped directly to you. 


As I sauntered through the woods near my home in north-east Florida last winter, my attention was captured by a bright red fungus sprouting on a small tree. Curious, I went over to examine it. Then I began studying the bark of nearby trees. More previously ‘hidden’ features appeared—fascinating patterns, deep fissures that demanded to be touched, patches of moss, and an extraordinary palette of earth tones. 

Back in my own yard, I continued the search for interesting bark features. Finding a wonderful specimen, I grabbed my camera and tripod. After resolving a few technical issues, I began shooting. The beautiful textures and colors highlighted in the resulting photos simply amazed me. My wife’s reaction to the images was all the encouragement I needed. My quest to reveal the true beauty of bark has begun.